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Chimney Crown Repair: What You Need To Know

Your chimney’s top is where you find the chimney’s crown. It seems so basic and it seals the top of the chimney around the flue. They have long existed and they have developed into admirable examples of engineering. Chimney Crowns, if built well, may last for many years by remaining effective at their best. If ignored its maintenance and repair, Fireplace Crown repair turns into costlier repairs.

Reasons for the damage to the chimney crown

  • When the installation is not done properly

Your crown will deteriorate considerably more quickly if it wasn’t placed with the right materials. Instead of using concrete, contractors frequently use mortar to make chimney crowns. This is significantly less dependable and likely to malfunction much more quickly.

  • The weather has an impact on your chimney

Freezing temperature, strong winds, excessive rains, and also lightning plays an important role in weakening the structure of the chimney crown. Moisture causes cement, bricks, and mortar to expand and contract, which damages them and causes cracking or chipping.

  • When the slope is not properly build

The Chimney Crown’s slope should match the roof’s pitch. In contrast to a vertical surface, horizontal brick surfaces allow water to stand and collect without dripping. Except for a tiny slope, a chimney crown’s whole surface is horizontal. That tiny slope should be carefully built. 

  • When Natural wear and tear occurs

Your chimney crown is subject to normal wear and tear just like any other component of your house. An experienced specialist may perform an annual check to help and to make sure that any minor cracks are discovered early so you can prevent leaks and other problems.

  • When you observe Efflorescence

The white stains on your chimney or chimney crown are not good. That is efflorescence. When it occurs, it is a red alert for the chimney crown. In the long run, it will cause great damage to the crown, and its bricks and mortar. 

Depending on the damage, whether to go with a chimney crown repair or replacement is decided.

How to Repair a Chimney Crown?

A ladder is set against the chimney and the chimney sweep will reach the crown. He first removes the debris if any, other grime, loose material and also particles from the chimney crown by using a stiffed wired brush. The entire crown surface is inspected properly. When the need for duct tape is seen, it is applied around the chimney flue. To catch the debris, duct tape is also applied an inch below the edges.

Seal coating is applied on the crown’s outer and inner edges. Once the coating application is finished, the duct tape is removed from the chimney. Generally, 3 coats are applied for a proper finish.

When the chimney crown has cracks

When the cracks are observed, a high-quality, external silicone or acrylic caulk is used to fill them perfectly. For ten to fifteen minutes, let this sit. If the cracks are quite tiny, visible cracks in the concrete that forms in the crown can be filled or sealed. 

Larger cracks may require more deep repair

When the cracks are larger and are 1/8 to 1/4 inch in width they cannot be filled as that method will become less effective. A high-bond patching material will be required and when the crown is more damaged, it may also sometimes require rebuilding the entire chimney.

Your chimney crown may need a variety of repairs, depending on the severity of the damage. For retaining the value and for the safety of the chimney, chimney crowns being up to date is very important.

When is the best time of year to repair the chimney crown?

Autumn is considered the best time for chimney repair. During that time, weather conditions favour the repair and all other complications do not arise. When home owners list their houses for sell, that time also repairs are given top priority.

Can I fix my Cracked or damaged chimney crown myself?

Well, we can do everything we desire. But, the proper knowledge of materials and other experience in chimney crown repair is very important. Always go with the chimney professionals as that is only the wise decision that one should take. They take every required step for protection.


Professional services should always be used so that the future need for more expensive repairs can be solved. If you go with a timely inspection of the chimney and its components, the sooner you will catch there are any problems. If your chimney crown does, on occasion, have small splits, they should be sealed and repaired. If the crown has more severe degradation, now might be the perfect time to completely replace and reconstruct the crown and never think that the Chimney Crown Replacement Cost is a waste. A Step in Time Chimney Sweeps can provide you with complete Chimney Crown Repair services at a reasonable price.