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Wood Stove Inserts

Woodstove inserts are constructed out of cast iron and are placed inside the opening of the existing masonry fireplace.

These inserts are heavy and more difficult to clean because the job requires the chimney technician to move the inserts out of the fireplace far enough to crawl behind the insert.
Access behind the insert is required to clean inside the fireplace and areas like the smoke chamber and smoke shelf.
A properly lined wood stove insert has a direct connect liner to the top of the chimney— therefore removal of the wood stove is not required and no additional cost is required.

Should I add a wood stove insert to my fireplace?

A wood stove insert is a sealed item stopping a wind draft from removing heat from your home.

Wood Stove Inserts FAQ

A wood stove insert is a device that is installed inside an existing fireplace to improve its efficiency and heating performance. It typically consists of a metal box with a fireplace opening on the front, and a stovepipe on the top or rear to vent the exhaust.

A wood stove insert works by burning wood fuel to generate heat, which is then distributed into the room through the fireplace opening. The stove insert is designed to be more efficient than an open fireplace, as it uses a closed combustion system and a sealed firebox to capture and circulate more of the heat.

It is generally recommended to have a professional install a wood stove insert, as there are various building codes and safety regulations that must be followed. The installation process involves cutting and fitting the insert into the existing fireplace, installing a stovepipe and chimney liner, and making any necessary electrical and gas connections.

It is best to use well-seasoned, dry wood in your wood stove insert. This type of wood burns more efficiently and produces less smoke and creosote, which can build up in the chimney and increase the risk of a chimney fire. Avoid using green or wet wood, as it produces more smoke and is more difficult to ignite.

To maintain your wood stove insert, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and upkeep. This may include regular cleaning of the firebox and flue, inspecting the stovepipe and chimney for blockages or damage, and replacing any worn or damaged parts. It is also important to have your wood stove insert and chimney inspected and cleaned by a professional on a regular basis to ensure proper operation and safety.

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