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A Step in Time Chimney Sweeps has been offering chimney cleaning,  inspections and repairs for over 20 years. The founder, Ray Gessner is a licensed professional engineer with a masters degree in civil engineering from Old Dominion University and B.S. in civil engineering from Virginia Tech. A Step in Time is currently expanding nationwide and partnering with firemen throughout the United States to establish business locations with owner/operators who are existing or former firemen.

The perfect side job: Most firemen work odd schedules where they are required to work 24 hour shifts and then have 2 days off. This can lead to the opportunity to keep yourself busy and earn income for your family. Many firemen take “side jobs” and the chimney sweep and repair business is a perfect match for firemen. The fireman and chimney sweep constantly work with ladders, deal with the dangers of fire and combustible material and spend their lives helping their community.

Chimney sweeping and repairs: Most people thing of chimney sweeps as the dirty faced top hat wearing lucky sweeps from the old days. The modern chimney sweep is extremely knowledgeable regarding building code requirement of chimney and venting. After all, homeowners are burning fires in their living room and a professional chimney sweep can recognized construction defects which could lead to potential fire hazards. Every year there are nearly 25,000 chimney related fires that cause countless amount of damage and unnecessary loss of life. This chimney cleaning and repair industry is a growing and very valuable profession.

If you are a homeowner looking for a knowledgeable and professional chimney sweep then go to our “SeekASweep” locator and we will match you with a professional local chimney sweep. If you are a fireman or an extremely experienced chimney sweep then contact us to find how you can operate your local business by partnering with us.


We offer chimney cleaning, inspections and repairs by trained professionals

NFPA inspections

We offer 3 levels of chimney inspections outlined by National Fire Protection Association.


We offer roof repairs and replacement. Hail damage and insurance claims welcome.

GAF Certified

A step in Time is a GAF certified roofing contractor with class A contractor’s license.

Dryer vent cleaning

We offer dryer vent cleaning for residential and commercial projects.

Dryer vent Firing

Uncleaned dryer vents are the main cause of appliance fires and we recommend annual inspections and cleanings of your dryer vent.


A Step in Time offers training to chimney professional throughout the United States by a licensed professional engineer.

New codes

Our professionals are trained to the latest chimney codes including IRC and NFPA 211.


Explore Recent Work

Check out some before and after shots of some of our recent chimney cleaning and repair projects.

chimney beforechimney after
filthy chimney beforeAfter

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