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The 5 Most Common Chimney Repairs

Common Chimney Repair #1: Creosote Buildup

Creosote buildup is an inevitable result of burning wood in your fireplace. If you leave that soot unremoved for too long, this can lead to a lot of problems with your fireplace and chimney later on. These problems not only include the inefficient burning of wood but also pose a fire hazard to your family and home. Chimney fires are caused almost entirely by creosote built up over time. This is one of the most important reasons that chimney repair is needed in homes before and after the winter season and why we highly recommend annual chimney cleaning.

Common Chimney Repair #2: Broken Capping

Your chimney cap is an integral part of your chimney and needs to be  maintained regularly and properly. If a broken chimney cap is not immediately addressed, it can result in much more costly damages down the road. For example, a broken chimney cap may allow rainwater to fill the flue during heavy rains and then when winter rolls around, that water could freeze and severely damage your chimney. You are then forced to get this professionally fixed and, inevitably, at a steep price. In order to avoid this unnecessary expenditure, you should have a chimney repair specialist buy and install the proper cap replacement for you  before further damages can occur. 

Common Chimney Repair #3: A Cracked Flue

The flue is located at the inside of your chimney and is prone to a number of issues that can occur over time. Because it is the most exposed portion of your chimney, it is also one of the first places that a chimney repair specialist will inspect. A cracked flue could mean that there is significantly more damage beneath the surface which can only be seen when a chimney specialist digs beneath the surface. 

Common Chimney Repair #4: Unsecured Masonry

The most popular chimney material is masonry and is often the reason a property will get more market value. But over time, masonry will likely develop problems and is left unattended, these problems can become a very expensive hassle. The bricks and mortar will eventually start giving in after repeated exposure to heat, fumes, and the harmful agents that fire contains. The best way to address any issues before they can even arise is to ask a professional to inspect your chimney before and after each winter.

Common Chimney Repair #5: Blockage

While creosote is the most common cause of blockages in chimneys, they can also arise from other sources like animals making their nest in your flue or debris like straw and leaves from the fall season.  In order for your chimney to function at its highest efficiency and avoid any chances of carbon monoxide poisoning, it is imperative to have a chimney repair professional clear any blockages using the right tools for the job. This will allow you to enjoy your warm cozy fireplace all winter long.