Chimney Sweep Cap

Chimney Cap Installation and Repair Service

For the safe and smooth operation of chimney, a chimney cap is very essential. Chimney caps prevents your chimney from getting cluttered with water, debris, snow and thereby prevents the chimney system from damage. Typically made of stainless steel or copper, a chimney cap is placed atop the flue opening and acts as shield against various harmful elements. Chimney cap also keeps the spark inside the chimney, preventing the combustible property on your roof from the risk of catching fire in case of dense flame.At times, chimney cap can fall into to the less functional state and requires significant repair. There are times chimney caps gets blocked with twigs, leaves, or any other material. When your chimney is suffering damage, you need to consult certified chimney technicians and avail their professional

chimney cap repair service

. In situations, when you see water entering the firebox or a drafting problem in fire, it might be the indication for the urgent need of

chimney cap repair


A Step in Time Chimney Sweeps provides full range of

chimney cap repair service

as well as

chimney caps installation

service to ensure efficiency and operational safety of your chimney. Our experienced technicians would help you out to make you chimney fully functional again.

Code ref: R1003.9.1, R1003.9.2, NFPA 211 4.6.2

  • Chimney cap required by code

  • Cap shall be removable for cleaning

  • Mesh will allow 3/8 in sphere

  • Mesh will block 1/2 in sphere

  • Cap shall be 24 gage stainless steel

  • Cap can be 19 gage galvanized steel

  • Net free area shall be 4 times flue area

  • Cap sloped to shed water

  • Cap extends above flue by lesser flue width

Reasons for chimney caps

  • Keeps rainwater from damaging the chimney liner

  • Keeps animals and birds out of the chimney flue.

  • Prevents wind backdrafts which can smoke into home

  • Helps prevent hot embers from landing on the roof