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Everything you should know about Chimney Repointing

Repairing the mortar joints, which are essentially the cement spaces between the bricks of a chimney stack, is the process of “repointing” a chimney. The strength and structural integrity of the chimney depend on these joints. On aged brickwork, repointing is frequently necessary. Over a year, your chimney is exposed to several different circumstances. It is particularly prone to wind damage, which can result in mortar gaps and fractures.

Repointing your stack is an essential part of maintaining a roof and should be done regularly. It will stop little problems from becoming bigger ones, therefore it is unquestionably an investment that is worthwhile.

Why do you need Chimney Repointing?

When exposed to the elements, the mortar used in chimney stacks is not as durable as the bricks. Although mortar is employed to hold the bricks together, it is considerably more prone to water damage and deterioration and will slowly fall apart over time. Along with being unattractive, your chimney stack will undermine the structural integrity of your roof. This is why, after a careful examination of the construction, your chimney masonry repair specialist might suggest repointing.

What are the Signs that state your chimney needs reporting?

Chimney repointing is a must for homeowners who are having issues with the chimney, particularly when it comes to problems with its outside components.

So how can you know whether your chimney needs repointing? The warning signs are as follows:

  1. Damaged mortar

Your chimney’s mortar may have changed colour, which is a clue that it needs to be repointed since the bricks and mortar are older. It can also indicate that the mortar has weakened and grown brittle if it has begun to flake or chip off.

  1. Yellowed wallpaper

If your chimney receives too much moisture, any wallpaper near it may begin to fade, especially to yellow. Again, there’s a chance that your chimney’s cracks allowed such moisture to enter.

  1. Large and small cracks

Whether or not the cracks are in the mortar, any cracks on your chimney are an indication of problems. As a result, any cracks, no matter how big or small, need to raise a red signal and demand prompt professional care.

  1. Rusted firebox

Even though fireboxes are often resistant to moisture of any kind, it nevertheless happens. Water can enter the chimney through mortar cracks and eventually reach the firebox or even the damper. Water has likely been leaking through the mortar’s minute fractures if you see that the firebox has started to rust.

The steps of repointing a chimney

To determine whether your chimney has to be repointed and to do it, we advise employing a team of skilled experts. When our team repoints chimneys, we begin by carefully removing outdated mortar while taking care to preserve the chimney’s structural integrity. Then, to secure the chimney’s longevity and to make it stronger than before, we add fresh, new, long-lasting mortar.

What are the Benefits of Chimney Repointing?

  1. Your house remains watertight

When the chimney mortar begins to fall apart, water can very readily enter the brickwork. Your home may sustain various kinds of damage and leaks as a result. This is avoided with chimney repointing, which also maintains your roof free of leaks.

  1. Keeps your chimney safe

The main benefit of having your chimney repointed when necessary is that it will maintain the structural integrity of your chimney and lower the possibility of injury or property damage.

  1. The lifespan of your chimney will be longer

Throughout their lifespan, mortar joints must endure more than 20 years of adverse weather conditions. The mortar may shrink and expand as a result, which over time leads to deterioration. The brickwork, though, might last for over a century. This demonstrates the significance of repointing since it ensures that your chimney will endure the test of time.

  1. Attractive appearance

Repointing brick chimneys can increase a building’s endurance as well as its aesthetic appeal. It’s never a good sign if your chimney’s masonry develops gaps and cracks because it could make your house look untidy. However, scheduling repointing can create a tidy, appealing appearance for your roof.

  1. You save more money

It can be expensive to let your chimney deteriorate to the point where major repairs are required. You may prevent further harm to your home and roof by having it repointed. It also maintains the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your chimney.

Is repointing a chimney expensive?

The chimney repointing cost varies. The average cost to repoint a chimney varies depending on a variety of variables, including the extent of the damage, the size of the chimney, and even the number of chimneys, as some larger homes may need more repair than small ones.

How often should a chimney be repointed?

The first thing to keep in mind is that whenever there are indications of wear or damage, your chimney will require repointing. No matter how long it has been since the chimney was lastly repointed, this will be the case. If that seems like an excessively short period, there may have been poor craftsmanship when the chimney was lastly repointed or there may be other issues at hand.

Nevertheless, you can anticipate intervals of about twenty to thirty years between repointings if there are no extraordinary situations that need it.

Why Should You Repoint Your Chimney by a Professional?

You will only need to have the work redone if it is not up to par the first time, which is the most obvious reason to employ a professional to handle your chimney repointing. The repointing fireplace will be even done with ease if you search for Chimney repointing near me and hire a professional. Repointing requires talent, which is primarily learned via experience and you can trust professionals for that.

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