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Everything You Need to Know About a Chimney Chase Cover

What is a Chimney Chase cover?

A cover used to waterproof the top of a chimney is called a chimney chase cover, also known as a chase pan or chimney cover. It performs comparable functions to the chimney caps that are used on brick chimneys. The main purpose is to shield the ground below from rain, snow, and ice melt.  When the chase cover is in good condition, a design with a small slope allows for proper drainage. Additionally, it prevents animals like birds, bats, and other species from building nests in chimneys. 

If the chimney chase cover is not installed correctly, it could result in rust stains on the chimney, water damage, and other problems that might compromise the effectiveness of your fireplace. This is why it’s crucial to have a chimney specialist do regular chimney inspections. Your chimney system should be examined by a professional to ensure everything is in functioning order.

Why do we need a Chimney Chase cover?

  • Safety 

Knowing the various parts of your chimney will enable you to maintain it safely for future use while protecting your family, chimney case plays a vital role.  After all, a chimney is simply a hole in your home’s roof that aids in the suppression of fire and smoke. If not correctly managed, both elements can be harmful to your house, safety, and health. 

  • Cost 

The chimney’s inner and external parts are both protected by the chase cover. Like a domino effect, damage to your chimney’s exterior almost usually leads to damage to the interior of your fireplace, flue system, and even your house. Chimney Chase cover replacement costs will always save you other high costs needed for the repair.

  • Comfort 

Damage to your chimney flue, roof, fireplace, and house will eventually be a result of not maintaining your chimney chase cover. Due to damage and neglect, backdrafts in your chimney can put out your fire and push smoke back into your home, making it difficult to control the temperature in your home. The chase covers provide complete comfort with ease.

How are chase caps and chase covers different?

Frequently, homeowners use the phrases “chase covers” and “chimney caps” interchangeably. Chase covers and chase caps are two different parts of the chimney. Still, the main function performed by both of the parts is somewhat similar. Both parts play an important role in protecting an integral part of your chimney. The chimney cap only covers the top of the opening of the flue while the chase covers functions to cover the top of the chimney and are also known as top pans.

How long does the chimney chase cover last?

A chase cover’s usable lifespan varies based on the material it’s constructed of and if it was installed correctly. Galvanised steel chimney chase covers typically need to be updated every five years or so because they corrode easily. If they are not harmed by a severe weather event or a falling branch, ones made of copper and stainless steel may last for the rest of your life. If it was installed incorrectly, it needs to be replaced right away since it will be more prone to rust and might give animals or water access to the chimney. You just need to search for “Chimney Chase Cover replacement near me” and go with the best one for it.

Which material makes the best Chase Cover for a Chimney?

The materials and thicknesses of chimney chase covers vary widely. It is crucial to get the best grade steel for your new chimney cover, whether you are building a new home or merely replacing one that has become corroded. Every chase cover is provided special attention by A Step In Time Chimney sweeps. We make sure that you get your precise measurements for the ideal fit and watertight seal so that you don’t need to go for Chimney chase cover repair all the time. 

  • Stainless steel chimney chase covers

One of the greatest materials to utilise for a new chimney chase cover is stainless steel. Your chimney cover will remain sturdy for many years to come since stainless steel never rusts. 

  • Copper chimney chase covers 

Another metal with exceptional corrosion resistance is copper. If your home already has copper dormers, roof valleys, or other copper features, the copper chase cover is a terrific addition.

  • Powder-coated stainless steel 

If you don’t like the way stainless steel looks, powder painting the chase cover is an excellent option to improve curb appeal. The only method for painting stainless steel that will adhere is powder coating. Regular paint will eventually run off a stainless steel cover. The powder coating is a permanent, non-fading coating.

  • Aluminium 

Aluminium is another material that is suggested for chimney chase coverings. Aluminium has corrosion resistance that matches that of stainless steel. All outside applications, including aircraft parts and outdoor furniture, employ high-grade aluminium. 

What are the Benefits of Chimney Chase covers?

Chimney chase covers offer so many benefits to all the home owners. One should always keep them in perfect condition to avoid any type of chimney chase cover repair cost.

  • Waterproofing 

A chimney chase cover is an essential barrier that prevents snow, rain, and other elements from getting inside the chimney while still enabling the flue pipe to depart. Cross breaks at the top of the cover are required to drain all water off the chimney’s top. Chimney chase repairs should never be ignored.

  • Rust-free guarantee

The old chase cover is probably the reason if you notice rust streaks flowing down the chimney siding. Further stains on the side of your property can be avoided by replacing your chimney cover with a stainless steel cover. 

  • Higher value of the home

You will increase the value of your house by replacing a galvanised or rusted chase cover. The chimney is a typical structure that a home appraiser will assess and examine when a home is being sold. The house examiners will note it on the inspection report if the chimney cover is in poor condition.

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