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Reasons Why Your Chimney is Crumbling

What is Chimney crumbling?

For a very long time, chimneys were seen as an essential component of the typical American home. If not kept up with perfection, every chimney will deteriorate over time. Components like the chimney cap or liner may have problems, but these are frequently easy to get them perfect.

Age-related crumbling of brick chimneys is not unusual. Even if the surrounding brickwork around your home is in good condition, chimneys are frequently placed in exposed parts of the roof where they are susceptible to weathering and can crumble. A collapsing chimney typically indicates deterioration of the bricks’ mortar, brick cracks, or both. Most homeowners try to complete the chore of repairing a crumbling chimney themselves. But if the crumbling chimney is not repaired and treated properly, it can lead to a large number of problems. You frequently need to replace any damaged bricks and repoint the mortar.

Signs that you need a Crumbling chimney repair

The most frequently disregarded component of a house is the chimney. But even the smallest problems with this component of your home’s structure, if ignored, could compromise not only its structural soundness but also your family’s safety.

Here are the signs which can help you to know that your chimney is crumbling.

  1. Your chimney has begin to leak

If it starts to rain and you see that your chimney is either dripping water or that moisture is growing around it, you need to take urgent action. Because a leaky chimney will let rainwater in, which will cause moisture to seep through your roof, into your interior, and into your walls, leading to the growth of mould and other serious problems.

  1. The mortar points of your chimney are damaged

The mortar joints should be examined if you frequently climb onto your roof to see your chimney. These joints maintain the structural integrity and tightness of your chimney. Call your contractor if you notice the mortar joints are wet due to recurrent exposure to water, snow, ice, or seasonal humidity. The safety and well-being of your home and family may be in danger if the damage to your chimney’s mortar joints gets worse since then they won’t be able to support the chimney.

  1. There are cracks in your chimney crown

If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t get up often enough to check the top of your chimney, you might get in trouble. The chimney crown is a crucial component that needs to be inspected frequently. If the chimney crown is broken, you must act quickly to fix it or the fracture will continue to grow. The gap gets wider and wider as water seeps in and freezes up in the exposed fissure.

  1. The wallpaper near your chimney has changed and looks strange

Your fireplace may need repairs if you notice that the wallpaper next to your chimney is beginning to look strange and damaged. In the event that the chimney’s crown is compromised, water may flow into your home and ruin your wallpaper. Water entering your chimney through a fractured crown is not the only method it can damage the inner walls; any chimney leak can be detected by peeling or discoloured wallpaper.

Reasons why your chimney is crumbling

The bricks and mortar that are used to construct chimneys are sturdy and should last for many years. But that does not imply that they will always exist. The masonry of a chimney may start to deteriorate over time and under specific conditions.

There can be many reasons for the crumbling of chimneys. Some of them are:

  1. Use of aged bricks

Your losses may have been primarily caused by the chimney, which was built using bricks from a salvage yard. You’re giving the chimney a bad start by utilising old bricks because they tend to be more prone to spalling. Smoke, soot, and years of use frequently cause more damage to them. The crumbling of bricks in a fireplace is dangerous and can have various negative effects.

  1. The age of your chimney

The age of your chimney and its exposure to harsh temperatures and climate can be another reason for your chimney crumbling. Thus proper inspection annually or after the change in weather is necessary to ensure a longer life for your chimneys.

  1. Poor chimney construction

Poorly constructed chimneys are more susceptible to spalling due to leaks and water infiltration. When the chimney is constructed by professionals, the risk gets reduced. While if you get it poorly done, it can be a reason for your chimney crumbling in future.

Dangers of damaged chimney

If the crumbling brick repair is not given proper care at the proper time there may be many dangers. We recommend you to keep a track of your chimney problems and keep your chimneys inspected by your contractors at regular intervals.

These are some of the common dangers with damaged chimneys

  1. A higher risk for chimney fires

Your chimney’s creosote buildup may result in fires. This type of accumulation and other issues are more likely to occur when your bricks are neglected for extended periods of time. Sparks and flashing can result from weaknesses in your chimney’s interior or exterior, including the chimney wall and chimney flue.

When you engage a chimney repair expert, they will examine the whole construction of your fireplace and examine each brick for potential issues.

  1. Damage to your home structure

Your chimney may be developing dangerous amounts of water damage if you notice that your home’s walls and ceiling are starting to feel moist.

  1. Bad odours from your fireplace

Creosote and dampness can cause dangerous odours to emanate from your fireplace and possibly spread throughout the rest of your house. This could cause a variety of issues for you and your family and make life unpleasant.

  1. Complete collapse of your chimney

Even though it’s the worst situation, a chimney crumbling inside is likely to collapse your entire chimney and will even harm the health of your family. This is especially true for really old, non-updated chimneys.


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