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Why is Spring the Great Time for Brick Chimney Cleaning?

Spring is a great time for chimney repairs and cleaning

Most homeowners stop operating their fireplace systems during the lovely spring weather because of the longer days and higher temperatures. But after a long winter of use, the weather change and absence of use offer the ideal chance for masonry repairs and cleaning. All winter long, your wood stove, chimney, fireplace or other appliance has been working hard. It’s tempting to put it off until next year now that it’s becoming warmer outside. But stop! A certified chimney sweep should inspect and, if necessary, clean your chimney flue in the spring and also perform spring chimney repair for you.

The importance of annual chimney sweepings

To keep your fireplace burning as securely and effectively as possible, you should do annual chimney sweepings. During a chimney sweep, a certified chimney sweep will remove any soot, ash, creosote, or debris from the chimney using special brooms and other tools. Removing creosote is extremely important; creosote is a naturally occurring byproduct of wood-burning fires, and is also extremely flammable. Because of this, removing creosote can significantly reduce the risk of an accidental chimney fire.

An excellent time to have your chimney inspected is when you sweep your chimney once a year. Chimney inspections are crucial because they frequently enable chimney sweeps to see minor problems before it worsens. All accessible portions of the fireplace and chimney interior and exterior will be examined for signs of damage or degradation during the chimney inspection. Your chimney sweep can suggest the required repairs if any damage is discovered.

Reasons to get your chimney cleaned in spring

  1. No more fireplace odour

You probably used your fireplace a fair amount of time over the chilly winter. You won’t likely use it once more, though, until late September at the earliest. Why would you then clean it? To begin with, it can help to reduce some of the odours in your house. Waiting until fireplace season to clean implies that your creosote build-ups will grow more challenging to remove and the bothersome odour will endure the entire time.

  1. Keep pests away

Our abundant backyard wildlife returns in the spring, which means that birds and squirrels are looking for a spot to call home for the year. Ideally, it won’t be one of our chimneys. After cleaning, Installing a chimney cap—which we’re pleased to perform as part of your yearly maintenance—is the only way to ensure this.

  1. Restore the harm caused by winter

Brickwork deterioration is one of the main threats winter offers to our chimneys. Once ice-cold water reaches the chimney, it can significantly lose integrity. When the water thaws, it can also encourage the growth of mould. Both of these problems will be taken care of at your regular maintenance visit before they develop into more serious problems later on.

  1. Availability of chimney sweeps

As you may expect, after the first chilly day of the fireplace season, demand for chimney cleaning services increases exponentially. So one should schedule their cleaning now in the spring, at their convenience, to avoid the rush! We are here for you every day of the week, whenever you need us!

Signs that you need a Brick Chimney Repair in Spring

  1. Chimney crown damage

Even very small amounts of water can cause your chimney to develop unsightly salt deposits, brick to flake, and mortar to deteriorate. Your chimney is defenceless without a sturdy crown that has been closed. Bricks and mortar eventually crumble to the point where the chimney loses its structural integrity.

  1. Rust

Rust shouldn’t be present on your firebox or damper, so if there is, there is too much moisture in your chimney. The damper may not have obvious signs of rust, but if it doesn’t perform or seal well, it may be rusting. Rusting can happen because of the excess moisture in winter and is a great sign that your chimney needs repairing.

  1. Deteriorating mortar joints

It is important to fix broken mortar joints between chimney masonry very away.  The entire chimney’s deterioration is sped up when the mortar deteriorates because more moisture is exposed to the masonry. When it’s cold outside, the extra moisture may freeze inside brick cracks. Larger fissures can form when moisture thaws and freezes in cement, rocks, and bricks. If the broken mortar is not fixed, the entire chimney could fall.

  1. Spalling

Spalling is a problem that affects the chimney’s exterior and can be identified by the presence of masonry fragments at the structure’s base.  Moisture can cause the brick, concrete, or stone’s surface to peel off, pop out, or flake off when it enters masonry.  To stop the chimney from continuing to crumble and eventually being destroyed, damaged masonry must be replaced.

Your chimney and masonry damage

The overexposure of masonry to moisture from the environment is one of the main causes of masonry damage. Water from sprinklers and hoses can also harm the masonry of your chimney, in addition to rain, ice, and snow. Bricks are naturally porous, which allows water to be absorbed while also allowing trapped gas to evaporate through the brick.

A Step In Chimney Sweeps offers a wide variety of masonry and chimney repair services. Tuckpointing is one of the most efficient techniques to rehabilitate your masonry. Before new bricks and mortar are put in place, broken masonry sections are meticulously removed during the tuckpointing process. For a beautiful finish where the repaired portions fit in perfectly with the rest of the chimney, our professionals take the time to choose bricks and mix mortar that will precisely match your existing brickwork.

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