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What is Level 2 Chimney Inspection?

If you have a chimney and you are using it regularly, you should think about chimney and fireplace inspection, which will examine all the fuel-burning fireplaces, stoves, fireplace inserts, chimneys, and every other related burning equipment and their coil. We are now certain that the majority of brick wood-burning fireplace chimneys have issues. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) advises a level 2 chimney assessment for every sale or transfer of a home because the issues are so pervasive and significant.

There are three different kinds of chimney inspections. Therefore, when purchasing a home, you have the option of choosing between Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 chimney inspection. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) advises a level 2 chimney assessment for every sale or transfer of a home because the issues are so pervasive and significant. When purchasing or selling a home, a Level 2 Chimney inspection is always required.

What is a Level 2 Chimney Inspection?

Level 2 inspection gives you the full picture of which parts require repair and also unseen repairs perhaps become a problem. Level 2 fireplace inspections include checking your chimney in attics, basements, and crawl spaces, looking for proper clearance from combustible building materials, scanning the flue using a specialised video camera that allows the chimney inspector to get the closest look possible, and show findings to you.

When is a Level 2 Chimney Inspection Required?

A Level Two chimney inspection may be advised by your chimney sweep for a variety of reasons. 

When you are doing a modification to the fireplace system, like switching the fuel or installing a new insert. In these circumstances, a Level 2 inspection can determine whether any modifications to the flue are required to enhance drafting or safety.

When the chimney’s past is uncertain, you might have just moved or reopened a fireplace.

Before purchasing a home with a chimney, after experiencing a chimney issue, and before making any alterations to your fireplace and chimney, Level 2 inspections are advised.

When you want to know the precise state of your chimney and have a report that describes the fireplace’s condition both inside and out.

If you’ve experienced an earthquake, chimney fire, or building fire. A level 2 inspection will be required at that time.

The most critical situation in which a Level 2 is required is when the chimney has been damaged. A general structure fire, a natural calamity, or a chimney fire could all result in damage.

When there have been any alterations to the property or chimney that could have an impact on the chimney system, a Level II chimney inspection is necessary. For instance, if an appliance is modified and attached to or removed from the chimney flue liner.

Level 2 Chimney Inspection Cost

Examining damage from large storms, chimney fires, and other natural disasters are done using level two examinations. From $185 to $1,000 is what the Level 2 chimney inspection price will be. 

Cameras may be used during these inspections to assess internal defects and to get access to the roof, attic, and crawl space so that the complete fireplace and chimney system can be examined. Additionally, a general chimney cleaning is part of level two inspections.

List of the things that need to be inspected during Level 2 Chimney Inspection?

  • Cleaning the cap, venting system, smoke chamber, and firebox. 
  • An examination of all parts that are easily accessible, including the firebox, smoke chamber, chimney, and cap.
  • Full visual inspection of the pot, stack, hearth, ventilation, fireplace/stove fitting, and lintel is also included. We will offer protective dust blankets to cover the fireplace area.
  • We inspect the metal flashing, which holds the chimney to the roof line. The flashing may strain, bend, or become loose, allowing water and moisture to enter the chimney where they may cause leaks and the masonry to deteriorate.
  • The camera’s view of the venting system is used to look for any cracks or gaps that could eventually lead to build-up and prevent your unit from functioning properly.
  • Inspection of the chimney or stovepipe in the attic to look for any damage brought on by excessive heat or water leaks.


The chimney inspector then composes a detailed report listing every flaw we have discovered. To help the homeowner or prospective homeowner better understand how much it will cost to fix the faults that were detected, this report is typically accompanied by an approximate cost estimate.

If you don’t plan your annual inspections or keep up with cleanings, you’ll find that your fireplace and chimney systems have additional problems when it’s rainy and snowy. You can avoid much more costly long-term inspections and repairs by spotting problems early through routine maintenance practices.

What to look for when selecting a chimney company?

Before purchasing or selling a home, a level 2 chimney inspection must be performed properly and by legal requirements. It would be best for you to locate chimney professionals who are certified and would conduct an acceptable chimney check. As for the chimney’s condition, they will also comment. which will take care of you completely. 

Also, take into account the requirement for chimney repairs for your house. Finding the professionals that can carry out those repairs following best practices and provide you with an affordable Level 2 fireplace inspection cost is your best bet.