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What is a Chimney Cricket and Why is it Important?

How can I direct the water so that it flows into the gutter from the roof rather than wicking off the edge? Is a chimney cricket the best option? It would be ideal if cricket could direct around the chimney. A Chimney Cricket (also called a saddle) is an imperative thing for your home and the longevity of your chimney and roof. The worst enemy of the chimney is water penetration and by installing a chimney racket, one can defend the enemy of the chimney.

All masonry chimney building materials, except stone, will experience “accelerated deterioration as a result of prolonged contact with water,” according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). In addition to rain, your chimney can suffer damage from snow, sleet, or any other sort of moisture over time.

Sometimes your chimney roof valley has crickets, but a property inspector still tells you that you need a complete roof repair because of damage from water infiltration and inadequate roof drainage. Because of faulty flashing at the cricket chimney-roof joints, there are leaky places in the valley of the cricket and chimney roof. Chimney cricket flashing becomes important here.

Why is chimney cricket important?

The cricket is a part of the complete chimney flashing system that prevents roof leaks. The goal of this customized solution is to redirect water, snow, and debris away from your chimney so that it doesn’t collect near the base. It is made up of metal or also a wood frame. Rainwater from your roof flows downward when it rains. Water is kept out of the chimney by a correctly built cricket, which channels it down the sides of the roof. By doing this, you can stop water from dripping through the ceilings and into the attic. Cricket can be also called a specially constructed home improvement upgrade for your property that sits on the high, sloped roof behind the chimney.

Does every chimney need a cricket?

Cricket isn’t required in every chimney. The NFPA 211 Standards and the International Residential Code require a cricket to be built to particular requirements if your chimney is 30 inches broad or wider. A chimney’s breadth should be measured on the side that is parallel to the ridge. And if your chimney is situated on the roof that slopes downward, you most likely see water gathering at the base of your outside chimney where it meets the roof, so in that case, also, a chimney cricket becomes necessary. However, you do not require a chimney cricket if your chimney crosses the ridgeline. Because the chimney top in this instance is above the roof, rainwater won’t pool along its walls. If there has ever been damage from water leakage in your chimney, we once again advise a cricket.

What is an ideal chimney cricket hight?

Roof slope standards must also be met by chimney crickets. Usually, the angle should be equal to or greater than the slope of your roof. To do this, adhere to the cricket height specifications below:


  1. The height of the cricket must be equal to half the width of the chimney with a 12–12 roof slope.

  2. The height of the cricket should be one-third the breadth of the chimney with a roof slope of 8 to 12.

  3. Cricket height should be 1/4 of the chimney width for roof slopes of 6 to 12.

  4. The height of the cricket should be 1/6 of the chimney’s width for roof slopes of 4 to 12.

  5. You would require a cricket with a height of 1/8 of the chimney width for a 3–12 roof slope.

What are the types of chimney cricket?

Many times, during the construction of the chimney, cricket is built using the same material. This is cost-effective, blends beautifully with the chimney and is also very easier to build. The structures of chimney crickets are triangular or other angled shapes. If one did not make the Chimney Cricket during the construction, then one needs to go with the aluminium or galvanized steel material for the Chimney Cricket. Aluminium material is also preferred as it has more life than Steel Crickets. Either solution can work effectively and provide you with excellent protection from rook leaks, depending on your demands and budget.

What does chimney cricket cost?


Depending on your roof’s construction materials, chimney design, and installer, the price of a chimney cricket varies significantly. The cost for chimney cricket is $2500 and if it needs flashing you may need to add $1500. For chimney Cricket repair also, the cost is always dependable on many factors.

Are you in need of chimney cricket? You can rely on us

Just now, we examined several instances in which cricket is necessary and in which it is not, as well as what size the cricket must be. Chimney crickets are highly suggested by roofing experts and Chimney Sweeps for a variety of valid reasons. It’s crucial to work with licenced and certified experts when installing a chimney cricket, or a roof “saddle,” as some people refer to it.