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Importance of Chimney Cleaning

Importance of Chimney Cleaning - A Step In Time Chimney Sweeps

Importance of Chimney Cleaning You were relying on the chimneys all during the winters and now when you are able to see the shining sun right above you in the sky, your excitement level is skyrocketing and you are just planning to move out of the house. Well, you might have forgotten about the chimney […]

6 Benefits of Chimney Cleaning

Benefits of Chimney Cleaning

6 Benefits of Chimney Cleaning Keeping your chimney clean prevents home fire & it is the main reason to have chimney cleaning. Two things happen when you burn a fire in your fireplace: 1. Chimney soot2. Creosote buildup is a thick, heavy, oily residue similar to tar that is a byproduct of burning wood. Your […]