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How much does it cost to install a chimney liner?

The flue pipe that vents the gases and smoke from your fireplace up and outside of your house is called a chimney liner. The liner’s primary objective is to safeguard your house and chimney. Any kind of material can be used to create a chimney liner.

If you are the one thinking about whether your chimney needs a perfect liner or not? The answer is very simple. YES. The next very important question which should not be ignored is, how much will it cost to install a chimney liner? Our guide covers all that you need to know, from the different types of chimney liners that are available to whether or not you can complete this process on a DIY basis, regardless of your reasons for researching the costs involved with this task.

What will be the cost to install a Chimney Liner?

Installing a chimney liner typically costs between $250 – $350 per foot. The national average cost of chimney liner installation is $2500. A one-story chimney is likely around $2500 and a two-story chimney will cost around $5000. The kind of chimney liner you’re talking about has a significant impact on the lifespan and cost of the liner. Further various other factors are also included when we calculate the total Chimney Liner Installation Cost.

Which factors are considered while determining the cost of a Chimney Liner?

Let us dive deep and understand how you can determine the total chimney liner cost.

Size of the chimney

The length and size of the chimney matter the most when the calculation of cost is done. An average of 6 meter’s of chimney liner including a sweep and closure plate generally comes with a good cost. The size is also based on the heat output calculated to know how much heat is required to exit the room. A calculator is used to define KW. If you have a huge chimney, you should choose a large chimney lining that is more expensive than any smaller chimney lining.

Location of the chimney liner

Generally, the price is many times based on the area. Where the price in some areas are higher while they are low in other areas. Trusting the best chimney liner provider in your area will never get you paid higher than the cost. Like if you go with the cast-in-place chimney liner, you will require labour work for that and the charges of the labour differ with the location. So location plays an important role.

Type of the Liner and its material

Liners are of different types. The material is different and so is the cost. Depending on the material you select, you have to pay the cost. Some are relatively expensive while offering more life expectancy in return. If you are replacing the current liner, the cost to replace a chimney liner will again depend on which type and material are you selecting. Metal, Cast-in-place, and clay liners, all have different prices.

Repairing the Tiles of the Roof

Assessing the condition of your chimney is generally the first step that chimney liner technicians do before installing it. Many times during the assessment of the chimney, one can find that there are some cracks on the roof tiles, which are more prone to risks like leakage of the gas. The tiles need to be repaired or recement. The cost for this varies based on how much the repair is required.

Your chimney shape

Chimneys are available in different shapes. So the liner variability also depends on the chimney you have. There are bent as well as straight chimneys. The cost of a bent chimney is a bit more than compared to a straight chimney. The standard type of chimney makes the fireplace liner installation easier and with less cost.

Can I install a Chimney Liner myself?

If you are the one who wants to do things yourself and if you are a DIYer, you want to install a chimney liner using your skills. The first thing will be the type of chimney liner you want to install. Whether you are doing chimney liner replacement or installation, you would require some specific tools. Some need to be secured and stacked up with cement. You will need certain kinds of help, so hiring an expert is always the best.

What Is the Lifespan of a Chimney Liner?

In general, chimney liners last 15 to 20 years, depending on the quality, material, regularity of cleaning, amount of condensation, and fuel source. Both clay and cast-in-place structures have a very long lifespan of up to 50 years. Flue liners made of stainless steel can last for longer than 20 years. One should always keep the chimney up to date. Whenever the need arises, one should not think about the chimney liner replacement cost as a burden, it is always an investment that is for your safety.

Always go with the well-sealed and properly functioning chimney liner to avoid any type of destruction that a chimney can cause. Obtain your accurate price from some chimney experts.