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How Much Does a Chimney Sweep Cost?

There are so many questions that arise in everyone’s mind when it comes to chimney repair, cleaning and maintenance. The most important factor affecting people’s decisions has always been the chimney Sweeps Cost. Many times, even the cleaning is not on the list. Sitting around the fireplace gives relaxation, while chimney sweep services are being neglected.

How much do chimney sweep charge?

A chimney sweep service will typically cost between $99 and $199. Depending on the services offered, and the place you live this may change. We have covered everything to provide all the information you require on chimney sweep prices and the procedures involved with chimney sweeping.

Chimney Sweep cost - determined by the level of inspection

Let us dive deep and understand how you can determine the total chimney liner cost.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has established three levels of chimney inspections: level 1, level 2, and level 3. Prices for levels one, two, and three range from $85 to $950 for level one, $150 to $1,000 for level two, and $500 to $5,000 for level three.

Chimney Sweeps also charge differently for the Chimney Sweeping. It is shown as under

  • Chimney sweeping on an open fire chimney cost is $159 – $299
  • Chimney sweeping on a lined stove chimney cost is $259 – $459
  • Chimney sweeping on an unlined stove chimney cost is $499 – $799

Chimney Sweep Cost - Determined by Chimney Type

Gas-type chimneys: A professional chimney sweep will cost between $80-$130 to clean a gas-type chimney. It is recommended to sweep a gas-type chimney at least once every year.

Masonry chimneys: An expert Masonry chimney cleaner will often charge $200. Annual sweeping of Masonry chimneys are advised.

Wood-burning chimneys: A professional chimney sweep would often charge $800 for a wood-burning chimney with built-up soot or creosote, with an average cost of $85 to $100.

Prefabricated chimneys: This is a metal-type chimney. The average cost of a chimney sweeper is $150.

Pellet stoves: A professional chimney sweep for a pellet-stove chimney costs between $130 and $200.

What are the factors that affect the Chimney Sweep cost?

The factors responsible for the cost of chimney sweeps are as under

Chimney’s Type

Some chimneys are easy to clean while some are difficult. The material used in the chimney’s construction has an impact on the cost.

Chimney Flues

The chimney sweeps offer services for every part. Some chimneys are having more flues. The time and work involved in the process will be calculated in the charges.


Chimneys have different shapes. Some are easy to clean and provide service, some shapes are difficult to clean and maintain. When because of the shape, more work gets involved, you can expect a high bill.

Soot and Creosote

When the chimney sweep will clean the creosote and remove the dead animals, the price changes. The sweep charges more when the build-up is high and when the animals are stuck inside.


This is common for all the service costs. The price for one area is always different from the other. The area’s competition and the cost of living affect the total pricing structure.

Make a budget to determine what you can afford and think about it if you need to have any current damage fixed. When you hire an expert chimney sweep for your chimney, it is preferable to have any current damage addressed.

Why Hire a Chimney Sweep?

When you hire a chimney sweep, you can anticipate them to do the following duties and inspections:

  • Clear the chimney of debris, including leaves, cobwebs, and nests.
  • A thorough examination to look for obstructions, the accumulation of dangerous chemicals, and dirt.
  • Verify any damage.
  • Execute a smoke draw test.

Is DIY Chimney Services a good idea? Can you do it yourself?

Well, there are some things that you can do yourself and some others that you can’t do. When it is to the chimney, there are a lot of personal risks involved in cleaning a chimney since it is blocked with various types of soot and frequently needs to be cleaned from the roof. You face the danger of tripping while cleaning one yourself. Cleaning a chimney is a generally messy thing, even if you are someone who is at ease standing on top of a roof. Build-up soot and creosote might fall into your home while cleaning, creating a cloud that covers your furniture and floors.

A trained and experienced Chimney Sweep should be hired

Do not hire somebody at random. Hire a trustworthy person. Get a price before the service begins so you won’t be surprised by a large bill at the end. Some inspections can take anything from 45 minutes to almost all day. A step in Time always offers professional Chimney Sweep Service for your chimney.