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Perfect Chimney Sweep Services In Wilmington, DE

A Step in Time Chimney Sweeps is an expert in dryer vent inspection and cleaning, chimney inspection, repair services, liner installation, etc. We are covering a wide range of chimney sweep services in Wilmington, DE, contact us at +1-302-244-6639 for the best solution. Chimney cleaning is required to have a safe house and enjoyable heat in the winter season.

Excellent Chimney Inspection Services In Wilmington, DE

We Inspect your chimney by using a video camera if it will be necessary. This is generally done from the top to the down, but we do it from the fireplace when this is not possible. We are investing in training and advanced tools. Our staff is certified and take regular training for inspection and how to use advanced tools for inspection. If you can use our advanced chimney inspection services in Wilmington, DE, why choose others? Just call us at +1-302-244-6639.

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    Chimney Cleaning Wilmington

    Quick Chimney Cleaning Services In Wilmington, DE

    We are offering very fast chimney cleaning services to our customers by considering their needs in their budget. We understand that in winter, it becomes very important. We love to help families to enjoy cozy & warm moments. This is why we have maintained our technology and skills. If you are looking for accurate chimney cleaning services in Wilmington, DE, then we are just right there.

    Reliable Chimney Repair Services In Wilmington, DE

    If you are not regular in chimney cleaning and chimney inspection then it may be possible that your chimney parts need repairing. If chimney repair will not be made on time, then it may be possible that you need to change the whole part of the chimney or the whole chimney too. Because as time passes smaller damage creates a big mess or can cause fire too. Our technicians will visit your chimney and guide you accordingly. Contact us at +1-302-244-6639 for more details.

    Chimney Repair Wilmington
    Chimney Liner Installation Wilmington

    Awesome Chimney Liner Installation In Wilmington, DE

    A chimney liner is a mandatory part of your chimney. Negligence of it creates very big issues in the chimney. Sometimes gas leakages or fires can be caused in your house if the chimney liner does not function accurately. You require professionals to do this task as they have their kit of advanced tools and they are certified in their work which makes them fast and accurate in their work. Call us for accurate chimney liner installation in Wilmington, DE.

    Expert Woodstove Inserts Installation Service In Wilmington, DE

    At A Step in Time Chimney Sweeps, you will get a team of experienced technicians with advanced technology. A traditional wood fireplace insert is only 5-10% efficient with heat. At worst it can pull warm air out of your chimney. Installing a fireplace insert prevents the heated air from being pulled from your home, but it emits heat by burning slower and hotter than old-style fireplaces. You can maintain its quality and performance if skilled technicians like us install it, Call us at +1-302-244-6639 for woodstove inserts’ installation in Wilmington, DE.

    Chimney Inspection Level 1



    Video Inspection Level 2



    Chimney Sweep



    Dryer Vent cleaning for 15 foot run



    Wood stove cleaning
    or furnace


    Structural Engineering

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    Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

    Fast Dryer Vent Cleaning Service Provider In Wilmington, DE

    Dryer vent cleaning is necessary as it prevents dryer fires, can avoid dryer repair bills, saves and avoids needless wear and tear of your clothes, and saves you on expensive power bills. If the dryer vent is not cleaned regularly then lint can create fire due to its properties as it works as fuel to fire. Why get worried if A Step in Time Chimney Sweeps is there to do it effectively in Wilmington, DE? Call us at +1-302-244-6639 to avail of our various services.

    Accurate Freestanding Woodstoves Installation In Wilmington, DE

    Freestanding wood stove installation requires professionals to complete this job. As you are spending your money on buying wood stoves, why avoid their installation? It is necessary to install it properly to get more benefits in winter because if it is properly installed then you can enjoy heat and winter by creating many memories with your family. Call us to install an accurate freestanding woodstove in Wilmington, DE.

    Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Installation In Wilmington, DE

    Steel is a very robust metal that enhances the durability of any product. If your chimney liner is made of stainless steel then you don’t need to get worried about lifetime because you will get a lifetime warranty. A stainless chimney liner provides better protection to your chimney by creating an additional layer to your chimney. If you are looking for proper chimney liner installation in Wilmington, DE, then contact us at +1-302-244-6639.

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    NFPA 211 Level 1 Chimney Inspection $205
    NFPA 211 Level 2 Chimney Inspection $305
    Standard chimney sweep with open fireplace $199
    Dryer Vent Cleaning for standard 15 foot run $199
    Wood stove cleaning $599
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