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Get the Finest Chimney Service Chicago Has to Offer

Whether you need a new chimney installed, or repairs are done, A Step in Time Chimney Sweep is the firm to call. With over 20 years of experience, we are the best go-to Chimney Cleaning and Repair Service in Chicago. Our commitment to complete client satisfaction has earned us an outstanding reputation throughout Chicago.

Today Is Chicago's Free Chimney Inspection

Technicians are well-versed in spotting damaged chimney red flags. For this, call us whenever it’s convenient, and we’ll give you a free chimney inspection service in Chicago. The examination will reveal the issue, and we’ll fix it straight away. Furthermore, we offer Structural Engineering Inspections and designs in Chicago as well, to clients in the area. For a free chimney inspection today, please reach out to us at +1-872-244-6639.

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    Chimney Cleaning Chicago

    Chimney Cleaning and Maintenance in Chicago

    We are one of the best Chimney Cleaning in Chicago and would be happy to help a homeowner in need. A specialist will be sent to your location after we receive your call. With all the equipment, we clean the chimney making sure no damage is done to it. Also, our team ensures to look into any possibilities of damage and inform you immediately about it.

    No-Damage Guarantee Chimney Repairs After Inspection

    One Step Chimney Sweep may be the most cost-effective option in Chicago. Modern tools and techniques for chimney repairs significantly reduce the disruption to your cooking routine. When you hire us for Chimney repair In Chicago, you won’t have to stress about a thing. In order to protect our customers’ belongings and assets, not only do we offer services that are covered by an all-encompassing insurance policy, but we also hold all of the relevant licenses. If you need assistance or a check of your chimney, give us a call at the number provided.

    Chimney Repair Chicago
    Chimney Liner Installation Chicago

    Chimney Liners of the Highest Quality Are Available in Chicago

    The byproducts of combustion are sent to the outside of the structure by a chimney liner, which also protects the brick chimney walls from heat and corrosion. Chimney liners can be purchased at Step in Time Chimney Sweeps, which is based in Chicago, Illinois. Please comply with this request in order to lessen the likelihood that your home will sustain damage from factors such as excessive heat, gas leaks, or fires. Chimney Liner in Chicago is used to protect homes and neighborhood amenity values from chimney fires. Because of our extensive background, we know how to complete the task efficiently and with minimal disruption to your day. For the best chimney liners installation, get in touch with us at +1-872-244-6639.

    Best Techniques for Maintaining Wood Stove Inserts

    It’s not unusual to find brick fireplaces with holes big enough for iron cast inserts. Because of the wood veneer, no one would ever guess how simple it is to keep them clean. In addition, we provide cleaning Wood Stove Inserts in the Chicago area. To overcome an obstacle, our staff has years of experience and is always coming up with new strategies. Services like this in the Chicago area are provided by A Step in Time Chimney Sweep, and they are of high quality and reasonably priced.

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    Dryer Vent cleaning for 15 foot run



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    Structural Engineering

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    Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

    Dryer Vent Cleaning Chicago - Experts

    Any competent chimney service in Chicago will tell you that dryer vents are a major contributor to chimney fires. When accidents happen, people usually end up hurt, and a house fire is the worst possible outcome. As a result of this, it is essential to keep dryer vents clean and in working order throughout the entire year, as is generally accepted by specialists working in the field. We provide Dryer Vent Cleaning in Chicago where we service, clean, and inspect dryer ducts for any signs of fire threats. In addition, by calling A Step in Time Chimney Sweep, you could save a lot of money and stay out of harm’s way. Hire a professional for dryer vent installation, cleaning, or repair work, call us at +1-872-244-6639.

    To Save Money On Heating, Install Free Standing Wood Stoves

    Free Standing Wood Stoves is one such reliable heating option that Chicagoans need to combat their harsh winter days. Freestanding wood stove installations in Chicago that are certified as meeting or exceeding EPA and CARB criteria for safety and heat production are available from A Step in Time Chimney Sweep as part of their services. Our freestanding wood stoves are built to last for many years and to be sold on the secondary market for a fair price. If you’re a repeat customer in the Chicago region, we’ll carry out the installation of Free Standing Wood Stoves in Chicago absolutely free of charge to honor your faith in us.

    Install Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Today

    It is due to our commitment to innovation throughout our tenure, we are able to provide cutting-edge support. For that, we offer Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Installation in Chicago at highly affordable rates. People in the Chicago region, having problems with their chimneys and wanting to install stainless steel liners can rely on us to benefit from our experienced guidance and support.

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