The story of A Step in Time is a fun story. In 1991 there was a recession and many college graduates had difficulty finding a job. Ray graduated from Virginia Tech in civil engineering and found the same difficulties. Ray attended graduate school at Old Dominion University to attract potential employers. Time passed and Ray continuously applied for positions at various engineering firms. Finally, Ray landed an engineering job by offering to work at very low wages. This didn’t matter to him, because the experience was like a continuation of graduate school. While in graduate school and working for a local engineering firm, Ray had to balance family life with also raising a daughter named Kaitlynn.

Times were tough and money was very tight. Ray remembered that while he was in high school, he had a very nice lawn business during the summers. On weekends, Ray began to cut lawns to bring in extra money. The business was an instant success! Ray was earning more money on weekends than working full time at his engineering job. While cutting the lawn at his parent’s house, a family friend named Donny Gummer stopped by. Donny was in his 60s at that time and noticed the lawn business was going great and mentioned that he was considering starting a chimney sweep company. Donny told Ray that while he was in New York, the chimney business was great! Everyone needed a chimney sweep! Donny asked Ray if he would help him start a chimney sweep company and give him advice on how to get customers. Ray agreed to help Donny in the fall when his lawn clients died down and this was a great time for the chimney season to heat up. When the fall season approached, Ray closed his lawn operation down and was set to begin cleaning chimneys.

The news came!

Donny Gummer

            Donny Gummer

Donny discussed with Ray that the chimney business was not going to happen. Donny had a full time position at his current job and they offered health benefits and retirement. He was close to retirement and needed the health benefits. Donny was not going to open a chimney sweep business. Ray was a little disappointed because he closed his lawn business which could have extended for a couple months laying mulch or fall fertilizing. So Donny offered an idea! Donny would sell Ray his chimney cleaning equipment for $300 and if Ray liked the business, keep cleaning. If Ray did not like the business, Donny would buy the equipment back for the $300. Donny taught Ray how to clean chimney for about a week and Ray flew the nest on his own.

Ray began to learn everything there was concerning the chimney cleaning and repair business.

20 years later and A Step in Time is one of the largest chimney sweep company in The United States. We are focusing on helping local firemen and chimney sweeps to grow their business but offering the systems that we use to make us successful.