1) Are you a franchise?

At the current time, we are not a franchise. We have top of the line training available, awesome scheduling software, quality control systems in place, marketing solutions and years of experience in the field. However, we are currently a lead referral program for areas that we have not expanded, similar to other large scale consumer referral programs but our system specializes in the chimney sweep industry. We are seeking to partner with firemen in their local areas to develop chimney sweep businesses with firemen. This has been a 20 year process and we want to form relationships with hard working, intelligent, and motivate business owners.

2) What is required to join the referral program?

We would like to help firemen to become business owners. This requires the individuals to obtain local contractors licenses, liability, workers comp insurance and training in the chimney sweep industry. We then help develop their business with our expertise in operation systems and marketing.

3) Are only firemen allowed?

While we would like to have firemen as our business owners, there are many very experienced chimney sweeps throughout the country. So, experienced chimney sweeps are invited to join our program and we hope to train firemen or pair up chimney sweeps with firemen to develop businesses throughout the United States.