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A Step in Time Chimney Cleaning and Repair

Replacing a flue system prematurely due to corrosion from creosote and soot buildup could cost thousands of dollars in repairs, and no one wants to put their family at risk of a chimney fire due to blockage or buildup.

Having your chimney cleaned regularly is important for a variety of reasons.  Not only is it mandated by many homeowner insurance policies, but it is also essential to extend the life of your flue system and minimizes the danger of fire to you and your family. It makes sense to hire a reliable chimney sweep company like A Step in Time.

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A Step in Time chimney sweep and repair company understands that keeping your chimney clean is an important part of keeping both your home and your family safe.  We provide cleaning, maintenance, and repair work as needed for any of your chimneys, fireplaces, and flues, or duct work.

What sets A Step in Time apart from the competition?  A few things:

  • Experience – A Step in Time is one of the only fully-licensed chimney sweep companies in the nation to be headed by a licensed, professional engineer.  Company owner and founder, Ray Gessner, is a licensed engineer in both Virginia and Maryland, and is FIRE certified.  Ray trains each and every one of his chimney sweep technicians using state-of-the-art, hands-on methods, which ensure we get the job done right… the first time, every time.
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

    Impeccable Reputation – Whether due to the incredibly demanding training provided to each and every technician or the powerful double-check quality control program utilizing the latest in computer analysis and sensory technology, A Step in Time has built an impeccable reputation in the communities we serve throughout the eastern United States.  You won’t find a chimney sweep with a better reputation for honest work and reliability than A Step in Time.

  • Reasonable Cost – A Step in Time is constantly investing in quality control analysis to keep costs affordable and low for their clients.  We believe that having your chimneys cleaned by skilled and dedicated technicians doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg.  A Step in Time understands that just like any other home contractor, you simply want reliable, professional chimney sweep service delivered on-time at and a reasonable cost, and in this we deliver in spades.

Be honest with yourself: are your chimneys or fireplaces overdue for a cleaning or some maintenance work?  If so, don’t put it off any longer, and run the risk of a chimney fire or worse – call A Step in Time today, and our friendly, courteous staff will set up an appointment with one of our expert chimney sweep technicians within just a few minutes.

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